Living with the Invisible (Coronavirus)

During the pandemic we got to know what it’s like living with the invisible. Coronavirus is an unseen enemy. We catch it from others who are infected even if they don’t have any symptoms. If the infected person breathes, talk, coughs or sneezes ten droplets from his/her mouth releases and gets suspended in the air and if we inhale it, we too can get infected. This deadly virus has killed many people across the world. this enemy has put others life in grave dangers. Number of deaths has increased people die everyday due to this.

No schools, no office, no outings, no gatherings, no parties …. these are the scenarios when the pandemic hit us. We were home bound.  After months passed by people are now aware of this virus and the precautionary measures . We wear masks, people have resumed to our online education and jobs. We have entered to the New Normal phase. Our enemy still exists and we must not let it affect us adversely we should wear masks, stay six feet apart, sanitize and wash our hands frequently.  These are the steps to get rid of our enemy.  If we don’t, then the virus will get more serious to people and the treatment can be painful and agonizing

There is a pleasant news that vaccines are produced and exported.  People are vaccinated every day.  I hope we get rid of this nasty and deadly virus.

DONE BY:  SARAH IMRAN                GRADE 8 BETA     GRNO :8910