2020 has been full of unexpected surprises like wildfires, airplane crashes in Iran and Pakistan, the death of basketball legend Kobe Bryant, social unrest over the killing of George Floyd, the deadly explosion in Beirut and various natural disasters. And then suddenly came a villain in our life named CORONA VIRUS or COVID-19. Life was like stopped in the whole world; everything was shut down; there were no schools, offices, airports, business, malls, theaters and many more. So many rules and regulations were applied by the government, which felt like we were kept in a prison. Wearing a mask on face, wearing plastic gloves, sanitizing ourselves when coming back from outside etc. were so irritating that I couldn’t even breathe properly but as days passed it became a habit and now I feel awkward showing my whole face and now mask has become a part of my life. But now talking about the reason for all these things: COVID-19 which is a hero and a villain in our life. First let me tell you about the positive side of Covid-19, as it has been a villain in our life but for animals and nature it is a boon. Gradually nature was healing itself, the ozone layer which was getting many cracks started to heal and now it is getting fine; pollution which was increasing day by day with global warming started to reduce. And animals who were captured in zoos started to come on roads, highways etc. and started to move independently. Now the negative side of COVID-19 which is too many. The first reason to hate is wearing masks, gloves, sanitizing and many more which feels like I am kept in a prison bound by many rules and regulations. Travelling which was loved by most of the people was kind of banned. Going to malls, theatres, parks, water parks, school, office etc. was not allowed. In conclusion though COVID-19 has much negativity but by seeing our health conditions and immunity, it is necessary to follow all the precautions and guidelines given by the government.


Done by: Aastha Chaturvedi

Grade and Section: 9-ALPHA