Social media connecting People

Social Media is something that we all use. It’s very hard to spot a

person who never uses it. It helps individuals to keep in touch with

friends and family. In today’s world, social media is the best medium of

communication for the people. Few examples of social media are –

YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Most of us spend most of

our time on social media by watching YouTube videos, going through

different things on Facebook etc. Social media helps a lot in promotion

and advertisements. People can share their business products and

services with the whole world because the whole world is connected

and they use social media. Social media is a less expensive and

profitable medium for promoting and advertising the products and

services to the people. Social media also helps a lot in education. Mostly

the students use social media to contact their friends and classmates

and discuss their educational topics with each other. Social media had

not only brought us advantages, but also disadvantages like addiction to

social media, health issues and so more. We can use social media, but up

to a limit. But if we keep all this social media behind and spend time

with our family and friends, that would be better.

Thank you!

By- Diya Arun 8 – A