After Effect of Pandemic 2020-21

School days are happy time in a everyone’s life. But this pandemic time has changed everyone’s life. The corona virus has changed the way we work, play and learn. E-learning tools are playing a crucial role during this pandemic, helping schools and universities  facilitate students’ learning while adapting to the new changes. It demanded the  staff and student readiness for learning.


Online classes, the adoption rate is around 50-60% whereas in the classroom the adoption was around 80-90%. Online classes affect the eyes of the students due to long hours in front of the blue screen. Small children like the playschool and the primary grades must not have this type of class because they have low concentration power, and these small kids do not have the ability to sit for a longer time in front of the blue screen.

The learners with a fixed mindset find it difficult to adapt and adjust, whereas the learners with a growth mindset quickly adapt to a new learning environment. This virus is not a blessing to students but a foreshadow of the student’s further life to adjust  to the Online mode of education. The shift in education is totally in contrast to the normal student life. There are no significant advantages because there is a huge loss in jobs, lives, and the economy of the Country. Lockdown due to pandemic also has impacted the life of students by forcing them to adapt loneliness and self-privacy. Above, I have to pray to God to save and give strength to the people for encountering their future with hope.


Krishita-  Grade 6 –Alpha

The Elite English School, Dubai.