A Green Lifestyle

Green Lifestyle. Sounds like something straight out of a fairytale. Well, a green lifestyle is  a way of life that sustains a healthy environment in the home, community and planet. Some big factors in creating a green home lifestyle includes contributing as little waste as possible, eliminating toxic substances and reducing the use of power and water. But before we actually get into the Green lifestyle it is important to know why this way of life is beneficial.


By living a green life, we can enjoy the environmental benefits that come with green, healthy living. In the process we will also create a much more sustainable world for us and for our future generations. While living a green lifestyle, we tend to forget about the hustle and bustle of the city and retreat into a world of your own.


Not only do we forget about the personal benefits but we also forget about the health benefits that come with it.


You reduce your time on the screen, and some even try and grow their own food which is really such a great thing for your body. You spend your time outdoors which is good for you physically and mentally.


I know what everyone would be thinking. How do we start? So the main objective that we try to achieve through a green lifestyle is to:

-reduce your carbon footprint

-throw out less waste

– recycle as much as possible

-reduce what you use as much as possible.

But remember that it takes a concentrated effort to go green.


Sometimes we often buy things which last for 3 months and buy the same product again and again because (the product) it is cheap. But once you throw these away, where do they end up? In a landfill of course, and these will take years to degrade and who knows what actually is in that product. Always use products which you know will last long despite the cost. There is also nothing wrong with buying second-hand products as you are giving it a new life while still saving the earth (and money).


Make sure you avoid plastic and use other alternatives which provide the same results. Turn off the tap when not needed. As you leave the room don’t forget to switch off the lights. Donate your old clothes and toys, this makes sure you don’t waste a lot while still providing a new loving home for your toys.


Now a green lifestyle can be hard for those who love to garden. Why? Because gardening uses a lot of resources such as water, fertilizers, pesticides and so on. Instead you can start collecting rainwater and use it for your plants. And those vegetable peels you were about to throw can be used as fertilizer after a little work. Avoid pesticides and fertilizers because they harm the environment a lot.


     Anyone can start a green lifestyle with a little work. Not only is it so easy but also, it is very beneficial too. You save the earth, save money and also stay healthy. If everyone starts with small steps it can lead to great results!

Sahana.R.Raja (8 – alpha)