Behind the Mask

A mask says a lot about the person who wears it, but even more about the person who doesn’t.The corona virus disease has changed our lives forever and we are all now living a new normal .This disease started in March, 2020 in Wuhan.It slowly grew into a deadly global pandemic. All schools, restaurants , offices were shut down and life came to a standstill . Masks help to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Everyone is being asked to take steps to prevent spreading the virus from person to person. Social distancing is one way to accomplish this, which means maintaining six feet of distance from others. Masks have become an essential commodity and help you protect others as well as yourself from the deadly disease.Sadly this hides all our smiles,our laughter and our emotions.It also makes it difficult for the hearing impaired people who used to lip read, as they can no longer do so .

It’s been nearly a year since the virus started and it’s high time that we follow the safety norms to control the spread of the deadly virus and thereby reduce the number of cases and deaths in the world . Masks alone will not protect us. To fight coronavirus we should also practice social distancing, frequent hand washing, sanitizing , using gloves and avoid going to crowded places. Let’s all pray for a better and safer tomorrow when we can finally say ‘good bye’ to the mask.

By Fatema Moonim