Mission to the Mars!

It was a new dawn when the whole nation erupted with joy and pride as the UAE’s historic Mars mission was successfully launched into space. As a resident of the country, it was truly an enormously proud moment for me.

The Emirates Mars Mission ‘Hope Probe’ which is tasked to provide the first ever complete picture of the Martian atmosphere, is now remarkably close to its goal. The Hope Probe launched on 19 July 2020, is just days away from reaching Mars!

With its main objective to study the dynamic weather conditions of the planet, the probe is making its way towards the red planet at a speed of about 78,000km/h.

Missions to the Red Planet have a success rate of 50 per cent, but the team is confident in the spacecraft’s abilities as it speeds towards the mysterious planet.

This is a huge accomplishment, but it is just the beginning. The most challenging part of this journey starts now! Well, let us just hope this mission is a great success.


Shreshta. K. M