Ozone the Ultimate shield

Were you aware that there existed a huge shield above around 20,000 kilometers from the ground under your feet? It is the barrier of the earth that absorbs most of the ultraviolet radiation that the sun gives out, the ozone layer.

How does it help us?, you may ask. The truth is that it does be helping a lot! For example, you are having a great tan in the beach and what prevents you from getting sun-burns from the hot-hot sun? It is the ozone layer which does not let the UV-Radiation affect your body. If this barrier was not present in the atmosphere of our planet, stratosphere to be exact, we would have been seeing Human-Kababs roaming on the earth.

Did you get mesmerized thinking, ‘Wow! This ozone thing is a savior, but I can’t see it’ or, ‘Wow! This ozone stuff is cool, but would it disappear?’. The curious one may ask these, and the answer of the first one is; No you actually cannot see it because it is in the stratosphere. Although if you go to the stratosphere in an airplane, you would not see it, the reason being that the layers of the atmosphere are actually invisible as they are just a layer of colorless molecules, more like an undetectable armor in the upper air, so you cannot exactly see it. The second question however is a more essential to now about compared to the first one, the ozone layer actually can go extinct, because of a compound called, the CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons). They are released by nothing but classic refrigerators, room sprays and ACs (Air Conditioners). We can prevent the depletion of ozone layer by not using these sources much. We are at a great advantage at present because modern fridges and ACs do not contain CFCs. But it is still our responsibility to not purchase or encourage the sale of the old prototypes which harm our armor, however attractive and affordable the deal might be.

Fun facts :- 

  1. The ozone layer is also called ozone shield or barrier
  2. Ozone was first discovered in 1839 by a Swiss chemist Christian Shonebien
  1. Every year, on 16th September, World Ozone Day is celebrated to spread the awareness of ozone depletion and to look for a solution on how to preserve it.

So this is all about the ozone layer pals, hope you had a Great time.