Cause of growing violence among youth

Violence in movies is fine until a certain age. If you are 11/12 years old and are watching violent movies it might have a bad influence on you as you tend to copy the main character. It may be for fun but it can turn into a habit or it can influence you into doing something wrong.

Websites promoting self-injury are very harmful. It can cause harm to you and can literally hypnotize you which is extremely risky! These websites provide visitors with different ways to self-harm and how to hurt themselves, some pro self-harm sites offer information about how to successfully commit suicide.

Stress and pressure causing breakdowns:

There may be any number of different factors that can lead to a nervous breakdown in an individual, but generally what leads to a breakdown is stress, pressure, and anxiety. One person might experience a slow building of stress that over months causes the eventual breakdown, while another experiences one big stressful situation that triggers a crisis.

By- Yana Jayanth [8 Alpha]