Inter-School Promo Video Contest

Inter-School Promo Video Competition

The digital world has become safer and with that came into existence many great ideas. In the current scenario when the landscape of human emotion is rapidly changing; what matters most is the culmination of ideas, the inevitable source that brings a revolution in all segments of life. Foresight and trust in the incredible potential of generation Z and to enhance theatrical skills, has initiated Sunrise English Private School, Abu Dhabi to organize an Inter-School Promo Video Contest for the students of Grades 6 to 12. The competition is organized by the English Department of the school. We invite participants from schools across UAE to take part in this.  The participants should create a short video advocating for a noble cause with social relevance.

The contest will be held in 2 categories:

Category 1:                 Juniors:      Grades 6 to 8

Category 2:                 Seniors:      Grades 9 to 12


 Strategies for the competition.

  • Select any topic of social relevance.
  • The medium of communication used in the video must be English.
  • Animated videos are not allowed. Students are expected to perform.
  • Only one entry per category.
  • Students may work together in groups or submit entries as individuals.
  • Time duration of the video: 2 to 3 minutes
  • Only original and unpublished themes will be approved.  
  • Plagiarism and Breach of copyright are strictly prohibited. 
  • Compliance with local and national laws of the country is mandatory.
  • Please indicate your video title in the email.


Judging Criteria

The judges will look for a creative, engaging, and inspiring submission.

Your entries will be judged on:

  •       Thematic relevance
  •       Demonstration of ingenuity
  •       Exposition of Technical & Theatrical expertise
  •        The persuasiveness of the entry
  •       Visual impact
  •        The extent of adherence to the given strategies

Additional Information:

  1. Promotion or use of any brand/ names or pictures of a renowned person(s) is not allowed.
  2. Do not use any existing videos/templates.
  3. Uploading/Sharing any of the videos produced by the participants (in relation to this contest) on social media or any other channels is not allowed.
  4. The number of participants in a group should be limited to 10 per category.
  5. All entries should begin with a “title screen” that includes the following information:
    • School name
    • School city
    • Title of video
    • Name of Participants

The management and faculty of the English Department of Sunrise English Private School anticipate the wholehearted participation of students.  Prompt entries complying with the said stipulations would be highly appreciated.  Looking forward to seeing you virtually with enthralling and captivating concepts congregated and compiled for a noble cause.

The Submission Deadline is 9th JUNE 2021 at 1:00pm

Please send your final piece with the video title to [email protected]