How can we prepare ourselves for a third wave (if it happened)

With the emergence of the covid-19 back in late 2019 and early 2020, the entire world was affected by it. As the year passed by, we witnessed ourselves in a worldwide lockdown. The rise and fall of the cases were a prominent part of the waves unleashed by this deadly virus, which affected thousands of lives all over the world. So far, we have been through the first two phases of this pandemic, which were quite rocky due to the impact of the virus.


Now with the vaccine introduced, many countries all over the globe have been putting on drives for their citizens to get administered. Despite the introduction of vaccines, few nations have witnessed an unsteady growth of cases, so it seems like these lands may have to go through a third wave of the pandemic. However, the upcoming third wave can be tackled through some well-done preparations and precautions.


First of all, we should be calm. And secondly, follow the rules and regulations set up by the government to keep the virus at bay. Cooperating with the government helps us a lot during such times and enables the authority to look well into the situation. We must also look forward to reducing the frequent visits outside to public places and the added continuous wearing of face masks. We should also maintain social distancing at all the time. One must sanitize their hands after contacting others, as well as using public places. We need to avoid visiting persons who have been infected or been in contact with an infected person.


If a family member of yours has been showing some symptoms, they must immediately get quarantined in a separate room. The family should ensure that their medications are given to them properly on time and take good care of them. If their condition worsens, immediate treatment must be given to them, whether at home or hospital.


Along with taking all the precautionary measures and following the government guidelines, we should also try to keep a positive mindset. Even though times like these are tough for all of us, it is essential that we take good care of our mental health and wellbeing. Keep yourself busy with some hobbies, and learn something new. Yoga and meditation can also help in developing peace of mind.


In the end, we can battle this virus together.

~ Misbah Sayed, 11 B